Welcome to my author website! I hope you’ll become a regular visitor as we add new features—such as my blog and other resources for families with children with disabilities—in the coming weeks and months.

The Long Road to Happy:  A Sister’s Struggle Through Her Brother’s Disabilities is my first book. It is a true and rarely told story.  We don’t talk much about the realities of disability in this country.  We talk even less about how it impacts families and siblings.

The Long Road to Happy is my story about what I learned from growing up with a brother with disabilities and eventually, upon the passing of my mother, becoming both his guardian and champion.  I hope it will add to the national conversation as we work to make this a more welcoming place.

The RoadRunner Press  |  Fall 2019

Hardcover  |  $22.00 U.S.

ISBN: 978-1-937054-56-4

The Long Road to Happy: A Sister's Struggle Through Her

Brother's Disabilities

Diane Morrow-Kondos