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Hardcover  |  $24.00 U.S.

ISBN: 978-1-937054-56-4

 A U T H O R

The Long Road to Happy:

A Sister’s Struggle Through Her

Brother's Disabilities

Diane Morrow-Kondos

The Book

The Long Road to Happy: A Sister’s Struggle Through Her Brother’s Disabilities is a candid look at one family’s journey raising a son with intellectual disabilities. Although each family’s situation is unique, the book addresses issues many families face—from receiving the diagnosis to making the difficult decision of placement upon a parent’s death. Told from the perspective of a sibling, it explores how siblings of individuals with special needs often encounter a wide range of experiences and emotions that are rarely directly acknowledged by their family or the world.

The Long Road to Happy also looks at the history of disabilities in America, touching on laws, social stigmas, labels, and treatment of the intellectually disabled. Whether that be mental illness, physical disabilities, or intellectual challenges, when one family member faces difficulties, the entire family is impacted.